Welcome to the 2018 US Universities Debating Championships

234 teams | 30 states | 69 institutions


The Stanford Debate Society is pleased to invite you to the 2018 US Universities Debating Championships presented by McKool Smith, from April 14th-16th 2018. SDS will also host the America’s Cup, a small masters tournament traditionally hosted on the eve of USUDC, on April 13th.

This website contains all of the most updated logistical, procedural and competitive information relevant to the championships. When announcements about the tournament are made, they will be posted to the tournament Facebook page and updated on this website. Major announcements (ie, opening and closing of registration, IA applications etc.) will also be posted to the BP Debate in North America Facebook Forum.

Should there be a conflict between information on Facebook and this website, the information on this website will prevail. We will work diligently to ensure as best as possible that this never happens.





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