Banquet Tickets

We will be hosting a break night banquet on Sunday after Round 8. The banquet will take place in the beautiful McCaw Hall and Dwight Family Room in the Arillaga Alumni Center (a ~10 minute walk from GA). Buffet food will be served, and we will announce the break and present speaker awards. Formal wear is by no means required, but attendees are invited to dress formally if they would like to!

Since the banquet is a more formal meal than other meals at the tournament and is substantially more expensive for us to stage, squads interested in attending the banquet will need to purchase a $10/person tickets to partially offset the cost. Spots are limited. Buy tickets here, through EventBrite:

USUDC banquet tickets 

The EventBrite link accepts major credit cards.

We will post the break and speaker awards on this website and on Facebook immediately after they are announced at the banquet for those not attending the banquet.

Banquet FAQ:

Q: Will there be Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free options? 
A: There will be Veggie Burgers and Thai Noodle Salad, both of which are vegetarian. There will be plenty of Gluten Free meat options, but we are waiting to confirm that the Veggie Burgers are also vegan.

Q: Can I go without paying?
A: No, sorry. We are already spending way more than $10 per person on this banquet and we cannot afford to allow people in for free, not to mention ~slippery slope~

Q: What time should I go to the Banquet?
A: Straight after Round 8!

Q: What time does the Banquet end?
A: 10:00 pm

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door?
A: Yes!

Q: How do I check in/verify my ticket?
A: We will be checking people in as they enter. You need to know the name on your ticket (if your coach bought tickets for your team, you need to know that and know your coaches name)

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