Bid to Host USUDC 2019

Clemson and Middlebury have submitted bids to host USUDC 2019.

Both bids will be presented on Saturday, during dinner when the USUDA meeting will take place (location will be announced soon). Voting will take place immediately following the meeting, and the voting will last through Sunday evening. Rob Ruiz will personally have a list of institutions, so please submit your vote to Rob. All institutions attending USUDC Stanford will be able to vote on the bids. If you have any questions, you may ask them at the meeting, and if you cannot make Saturday’s meeting, both bid presenters will be around to answer your questions on Saturday and Sunday. Voting results will be posted to the USUDA website on Monday.

Bid packages:

Clemson: Clemson-USUDC-Bid-2019

Middlebury: Middlebury-USUDC-Bid-2019

Bid Coordinators:

This year’s bid coordinators are Rob Ruiz (University of La Verne), Steven Johnson (University of Alaska), and Steven Penner (Hobart and William Smith Colleges). The bidding process for USUDC 2019 is run by the bid coordinators and wholly independent of Stanford USUDC. Feel free to contact the bid coordinators with any questions on the bid process:

Rob Ruiz:

Steven Johnson:

Steven Penner:

The process for bidding to host USUDA is outlined in the USUDA constitution.


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