We’re thrilled to welcome Aislin Flynn, Danny DeBois, and David Slater as our DCAs!


Aislin Flynn recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Masters degree, and currently coaches the Loyola Marymount debate team. She judged the most recent WUDC Grand Final and has chaired outrounds at WUDC, USUDC, EUDC, as well as served on the CA teams of the North American Debating Championships and Hart House IV, among others. As a debater, Aislin was the 11th speaker at Dutch WUDC, a two-time Cambridge IV finalist, and the champion and top speaker of the Yale IV. Talk to her about milkshakes, television, and Timothée Chalamet.


Danny DeBois debated for Harvard. He won WUDC 2018, the Sydney Mini, the Yale IV (twice), and the HWS IV. He was top speaker of the HWS Round Robin and Hart House IV, second speaker of Yale (twice), and third speaker of WUDC 2018. He has been in finals of the Oxford IV, the HWS Round Robin, NAUDC (twice), and USUDC. He was a CA of the North American Championships. Interests include spin class and memes.


David Slater has been a finalist at the Cambridge IV, USUs, and is the current North American Champion. He was also student council president in high school and was voted most improved on his middle school wrestling team. He dislikes long walks on the beach and once went 5-0 as an iron-man.

The DCA application process was designed and run by the Chief Adjudicators.

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