Tournament Media


The tournament Facebook page will post important announcements (registration opening and closing, IA applications, hotel information etc.) whenever they are released on this website. The most important announcements will also be posted to the BP Debate in North America Organizing Forum. In the (extremely unlikely) event that information on Facebook and this website conflicts, the information posted on this website shall be regarded as the official tournament communication and prevail.



Teams in both rounds have not consented to livestreaming, so there will be no livestream of the semifinal. We *may* post a recorded version of the semifinal that excludes the speeches of speakers who did not consent to livestreaming after the round.


Elimination rounds take place on Monday, April 16; the grand final (and potentially other elimination rounds) will be open to the general public. Come watch the best debaters in the country speak on fascinating topics in great competition! More details on how to watch elimination rounds will be available closer to the tournament.

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