Payment Information

To confirm your school’s team slots, we need to receive payment for the teams, judges/judge penalties, and observers your school has requested 15 business days after your school has submitted the institutional registration form.

Registration fees for USUDC 2018:

Teams: $150/team

Judges: $75/judge


Uncovered team fee (N-1): $150/uncovered team

The only way to pay is to mail a check to us. Checks should be made out to “Stanford Debate Society” and mailed to the following address:

Stanford Debate Society
555 Bryant Street #599
Palo Alto, CA 94301

DO NOT MAIL CHECKS ANYWHERE EXCEPT FOR THIS SPECIFIC ADDRESS! (as Stanford is very large, checks sent to “Stanford University” or “Stanford Debate” without our EXACT address will NOT make it to our office)!

If you need an invoice for accounting purposes, please email with the number of teams, judges, judge penalty fee payments, and observers your school is registering.

If you need a W-9 form for accounting purposes, find it here: USUDC 2018 W-9 form

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