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US Universities Debating Championships – Stanford 2018 | Registration Policy


Registration Timeline

Registration will open on Monday, February 19th.

When institutions request teams before Monday, March 5th at 11:59pm PST, the first four teams requested will be granted automatically. Any further teams will be placed on the waitlist. Teams will be moved off the waitlist in accordance with the allocation procedure and as quickly as possible.

Institutions can make their first request for teams after Monday, March 5th, but they are not guaranteed four teams in this scenario. If institutions request fewer than four teams before Monday, March 5th at 11:59pm PST, they are guaranteed only the number of teams they requested. Institutions can add teams to the waitlist at any time.

Stanford USUDC is pay-to-play. To confirm a team’s registration, the organizing committee needs to receive payment for the team within 15 business days of the team’s initial confirmation.

We anticipate extremely high capacity, and it is likely that we will be able to accept the vast majority of teams on the waitlist. We anticipate moving teams off the waitlist rapidly and may begin to do so even before March 5th.

These dates relate to the process for institutional registration. Once institutions register teams, participants then have additional time complete individual registration (team reg, judge reg, or observer reg, whichever applies), where you will inform the tournament of the names of the speakers on teams/adjudicators/observers and provide some basic information for us. The individual reg deadline will be announced when registration opens, but this deadline will not be sooner than 3 weeks before the tournament start date.

Waitlist Allocation Procedure

Teams will taken off the waitlist and approved in waves as quickly as possible; the organizing committee may even begin moving teams off the waitlist before March 5th. When the organizing committee decides to accept an additional wave of teams from the waitlist, the allocation procedure will be as follows: each institution with at least one team remaining on the waitlist will be granted a team, moving down the list in the order those institutions first appeared on the waitlist. When the bottom of the list is reached, we return to the top and repeat the procedure until the capacity of the wave is reached or the waitlist is empty.

Stanford USUDC will prioritize reg break resources towards teams demonstrating need who have not yet registered four teams. Accordingly, when accepting waitlist teams, the organizing committee reserves the right to pass over a waitlisted team which requires a reg break to admit the next team which does not require a reg break. With a limited pool of reg break resources, we would prefer to support the first or second team from institution A over the fifth team from institution B.

Fees and Judging Requirements

The registration fees for Stanford 2018 will remain the same as Morehouse 2016 and Denver 2017:

  • $150 per team
  • $75 per judge
  • $150 per observer

The judging requirement will be N-1, where N is the number of teams an institution brings. The judging penalty, applied to every team from an institution not covered under N-1, will be $150 per team. If institutions leave a large number of teams uncovered, we reserve the right to insist that they bring judges to confirm their teams. 

Reg Breaks

We have some funding available for reg breaks, which we will distribute on basis of need. Institutions who would like to request reg breaks should email with a description of the break they are requesting and why they need it.

Teams can reach out to discuss reg breaks at any time, including before the opening of registration.

English as a Second Language Teams

In accordance with voting at Denver USUDC 2017, Stanford USUDC will feature recognition for ESL teams. Accordingly, and in the spirit of supporting diversity and encouraging ESL participation, when an institution requests a team composed of two ESL speakers that team will be granted instantly. Registering an ESL team has no effect on an institution’s waitlist status or the four teams they are guaranteed before March 5th. That is, an institution is guaranteed 4 teams in addition to an unlimited number of ESL teams when registering before March 5th, and can register an ESL team that will be granted instantly at any time without influencing the waitlist process. Per the Hybrid Teams Policy, teams at this tournament can be institutional hybrids if and only if both speakers on the team qualify for ESL status. 

The Policy on ESL, CC, and Novice Status explains the exact definitions and processes for ESL status.

Published 2/2/2018 at 12:47am

Amended 2/2/2018 at 11:32am to clarify that these details relate to institutional registration, and that we anticipate institutions having additional time to complete registration for individual teams and inform the tournament of the composition of the their teams after institutional reg is submitted. Details on the individual reg deadline will be announced when registration opens, but this deadline will not be sooner than 3 weeks before the tournament start date. 

Amended 2/17/2018 at 4:08pm to reflect that the ESL, CC and Novice policy has been approved, and to clarify the difference between institutional and individual registration, and to add “if institutions leave a large number of teams uncovered, we reserve the right to insist that they bring judges to confirm their teams.”



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