Registration Status Tool

The spreadsheet below shows your the number of teams and judges your institution currently has waitlisted and confirmed, based off your initial institutional registration request and our allocation decisions, and the status of your payment. It also lists the number of those teams and judges that have completed their individual registration forms, and whether your institution has completed the logistics tracking form. This spreadsheet updates live, but note that we will also email your institutional contact when we move teams off the waitlist.

If you haven’t yet done so, please fill out the logistics tracking form here.

If you see an error here, please let us know at If your institution does not appear on this list, then you have not submitted institutional registration.

The payment status column relates to the payment that we have received and processed. We display only “paid in full”, “partial payment”, and “no payment received” for confidentiality reasons; if you would like clarification on the exact amount your school owes and what we have received, email us at Keep in mind that there is a small processing delay between when the check actually arrives at Stanford and when we process it, we will of course not fault you for this processing time.

If you have submitted changes to your initial institutional registration by emailing us (ex. adjusted the number of teams/judges you are bringing, etc.), those changes are reflected here.

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