Who We Are

Adjudication Core

Co-Chief Adjudicator | Evan Lynyak (Yale University) 

Evan appeared in grand finals and was the top North American speaker at Dutch 2017 Worlds, was the 5th seed and top female speaker at Thessaloniki 2016 Worlds, and was in finals and was the second speaker at Morehouse USUDC 2016. She also was the top speaker and champion at PAUDC 2016, the top speaker and finalist at NAUDC 2016 and also the 2016 Oxford IV, along with numerous other significant accomplishments. Evan served as CA at the 2016 Yale IV and the 2016 Cambridge Women’s Open.

Co-Chief Adjudicator | Zoe Seaman-Grant (Bates College) 

Zoe appeared in grand finals at Dutch 2017 Worlds and was the
top speaker at the 2016 Yale IV. She appeared in the final rounds of the 2016 Yale IV, the 2015 & 2016 Brandeis IVs, and the 2016 HWS IV and has numerous other significant accomplishments. Zoë served as CA at the 2017 Stanford Parliamentary Tournament and 2018 North American Debating Championships.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator | Danny DeBois (Harvard University)

Danny DeBois debated for Harvard. He won WUDC 2018, the Sydney Mini, the Yale IV (twice), and the HWS IV. He was top speaker of the HWS Round Robin and Hart House IV, second speaker of Yale (twice), and third speaker of WUDC 2018. He has been in finals of the Oxford IV, the HWS Round Robin, NAUDC (twice), and USUDC. He was a CA of the North American Championships. Interests include spin class and memes.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator | Aislin Flynn (Hart House / University of Toronto)

Aislin Flynn recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Masters degree, and currently coaches the Loyola Marymount debate team. She judged the most recent WUDC Grand Final and has chaired outrounds at WUDC, USUDC, EUDC, as well as served on the CA teams of the North American Debating Championships and Hart House IV, among others. As a debater, Aislin was the 11th speaker at Dutch WUDC, a two-time Cambridge IV finalist, and the champion and top speaker of the Yale IV. Talk to her about milkshakes, television, and Timothée Chalamet.

Deputy Chief Adjudicator | David Slater (Stanford University)

David Slater has been a finalist at the Cambridge IV, USUs, and is the current North American Champion. He was also student council president in high school and was voted most improved on his middle school wrestling team. He dislikes long walks on the beach and once went 5-0 as an iron-man.


 Chuan-Zheng Lee (Stanford University)

Chuan-Zheng, a PhD student in electrical engineering at Stanford, has been on the tab teams of WUDC twice (2015, 2016), Australs four times (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016) and Yale IV twice (2016, 2017), and he will be on the tab team at WUDC Cape Town 2019.  He is a developer of Tabbycat, a popular tabulation system and the tentative choice for WUDC 2019.  As an adjudicator, he has judged semi-finals at Australs, WUDC, NAUDC, Yale IV and Hart House IV.

Bexley Brown (University of Rochester)

Bexley has tabbed the Northeast Regional Opener twice (2016, 2017), the Colgate Open (2016), Huber Debates (2017) and will tab NAW*DC 2018.  They are the assistant director of forensics at Rochester, where as well as coaching several formats, they work on debate programs for low-access communities.  Bexley has also been on 13 adjudication teams and broken as a judge at over 40 tournaments, including WUDC 2018.

 Steven Penner (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Penner has tabbed NAUDC three times (2014, 2015, 2017), as well as the Hart House IV 2017 and HWS IV 2016.  He is the assistant debate coach at HWS, and was on the adjudication teams of USUDC 2017, multiple NorthAms and NAUDCs, and most recently was a deputy chief adjudicator at WUDC Mexico 2018.


Organizing Committee

Convenor | Lloyd Lyall

Lloyd directed the 2017 Stanford APDA tournament and the 2018 Stanford National Invitational, and is SDS’ VP  Tournaments this year. Lloyd debated for Stanford at WUDC 2017 in the Netherlands, has broken at NorthAms and NAUDC, and was a WSDC grand finalist in 2015.

Logistics Director | Sierra Maciorowski

Sierra coaches high school parliamentary debate, and serves in that community as a Vice President of the Coast Forensic League, the Web Director for the National Parliamentary Debate League, and the Chief of Communications and Summer Programs at Club Parli. She assists with tournament logistics regularly, including at the 2017 Parliamentary Debate Tournament of Champions.

Events Director and Status Officer | Andrew Chizewer

Andrew Chizewer is a Sophomore at Stanford studying Economics with a minor in Chinese. An accomplished Model UN delegate in High School, he did not begin debating until his Freshman year of college. His proudest (and only) debate accomplishment is breaking as a Judge at Dutch Worlds, the 4th debate tournament he’d ever attended. Chiz, as his friends lovingly refer to him, is the first and only member of SDS to successfully rush a fraternity and currently serves as Social Chair of the Stanford Debate Society.

Registration Director | Jackie Li

“Is this compulsory?”

America’s Cup Convenor | Emily Hu

Emily Hu debated for four years in high school and is now a sophomore in the Stanford Debate Society. Despite learning to debate in a format that speaks at over 400 words per minute—Emily cringes now at her initial tryout, don’t speak to her about that—she now professes her love for parliamentary debate and would be happy to chat with anyone interested in the merits of speed (and transitioning to) slow debate. In addition to competing nationally and internationally, she has broken as an adjudicator at both the 2017 Cambridge IV and Mexico Worlds 2018. She also served on the APDA Diversity Initiative from 2017-2018.

Faculty Liaison | Rich Boltizar

Rich Boltizar is the Director of Debate at Stanford University. He has hosted more than 20 tournaments on the Stanford campus over the last decade, including the annual Stanford Invitational which draws over 2500 attendees.

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